Being successful is something all entrepreneurs hope to be in their journey.  We show up, we show out, and we hustle hard. But not everyone is doing the same things which is why some become successful during their journey and others end up throwing in the towel. I don’t want you throwing in the towel because ALL mommas should be successful if that’s their wish.  Let’s talk about the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and take your business to the next level.

-Starting out-

I know for me, when I first started, I was constantly wondering what I “should” be doing in order to speed up my success. Took me a long time to realize that there were simple habits, if done on the daily, that were the keys to being successful.  It really isn’t a matter of “should be doings” it’s more of a matter of healthy habits to reach your goals. Rather than boring you, let’s just dive into 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People that you NEED to incorporate into your life and business.

Habit #1 – Successful People are CONSTANTLY Learning

You can’t better yourself if you’re constantly repeating the same tasks over and over again without change.  You’ll want to grow and adapt with the changing times.  Successful people read daily, take course, attend seminars, collaborate with other successful people, among other things.  The reading daily is a very important thing to note.  This doesn’t mean they are sitting down and reading an entire book every single day or ready mass amount of chapters in one sitting.

Successful entrepreneurs set specific reading goals for each day. Some have a goal to reach 10 pages every day, some ready 1-2 chapters a day, some read more. But each day there is a goal to read in order to grow and expand their mindset. Successful people are also learning from others who are where they want to be in their own business. They attend seminars, in person events, take courses, 1:1 coaching, etc. In order to constantly learn.

Habit #2- They Invest In Themselves

Those who have “made it”, if you will, know that they can not ask you, their followers, to do something they themself are not willing to do.  This means investing in themselves and their entrepreneurial journey. Successful people hire mentors to help them grow and become better in their field. They put money into their business ventures.  Money is spent on outsourcing tasks that will then free up their time for other growth approaches.

This really goes hand in hand with habit #1 because constantly learning to be better means there is some level of investment that occurs. Again, this can mean books, courses, 1:1 mentorship, and more. 

So this means we are continually investing in programs, courses, memberships, or masterminds in order to consistently evolve and grow in our expertise.

Habit #3 – Scheduling is Crucial for Organizational Success

Successful people schedule everything in their week and months so that things are not forgotten. When a task or and event arises it is immediately scheduled. This helps keep them on tasks, prompt for events, and allows for them to see what they have each and every week.  Being able to see an outline of your tasks and events can keep you motivated to take that next step in your business.

Habit #4- Health Is a Priority

This is one of the most overlooked piece of the success puzzle for many. BUT it should be made a priority for various reasons. When you make your health a priority you, overall, feel better physically and mentall.  

Health priorities means things like:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Prioritizing sleep
  • Exercising

Now, you’re a mom, you don’t have HOURS to go to a gym or maybe the money for a sitter or a gym membership. You don’t need anything strenuous or over the top in order to maintain your health. It’s simple, you need to move your body four to five days a week for twenty to thirty minutes. This could mean a brisk walk, yoga, a youtube workout, etc. 

Again, nothing strenuous or overly time consuming. Just adding in these few habits can provide mental clarity and physically feeling better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you feel confident.  Confidence is contagious and people WANT to work with you!

Habit #5- Outsourcing Tasks

This is something high successful people do OFTEN. Now, you might be reading this and saying “I can’t afford to outsource” and maybe you’re rolling your eyes. I’m here to tell you, there are things you simply are NOT suited to do in your business and it takes you more time than is valuable for your business time. That being said, if outsourcing isn’t financially possible in this current moment set a goal to MAKE it happen. 

I ran my business for almost 3 solid years without any help. There was no outsourcing my content scheduling. I didn’t have a VA to help with launch prep. There was not a sitter for the kiddo (not even a family member). I get it, outsourcing can be hard to do and seems terribly scary.  It wasn’t even until this year that we FINALLY hired a nanny. She comes three times a week for three hours each day.  She plays with the kiddo so I can get dedicated work time for my own business tasks.

I have major trust issues with people so this was honestly the very last thing I outsourced.

That being said it has been AMAZING. I am so much more productive when she is here because I am not emotionally torn between getting my work done and giving my kiddo the 1:1 attention he needs and wants. 

Having the time to perform the GROWTH tasks necessary for your business is essential. For you that might mean handing off blog scheduling, tailwind scheduling, email scheduling, social media scheduling, image creation, etc. If you can’t do this right now, make a plan to start outsourcing one small task at a time. There are people out there who are happy to help no matter how big or small the task. 

Habit #6- Successful People Show up CONSISTENTLY and They Show Up As Themselves

There are going to be days where the feeling of:

 “I don’t wanna”

“I  don’t think this is working”

“Is anyone listening”

“No ones listing why bother”

But even when those feelings of doubts creep in you still must show up.  The negative feelings eventually pass. But if there are large gaps where you didn’t show up when you were in a negative headspace you’ve missed opportunities for growth. 

We, entrepreneurs, have an obligation to our followers, no matter how few or many, to show up and provide information and value. When you show up consistently you are seen, heard, and people respect you and your work. They then want to work with you because you show up for them!

Habit #7 – Successful People are Laser Focused

This relates to the scheduling of their tasks and events.  Successful people stay focussed on their tasks and they stick to their deadlines. They will map out their goals, daily tasks, monthly tasks, and what will be outsourced. They then dive in, head first to their activities without messing around wasting time. Being persistent and consistent win out every time.

Successful people are no different from any one of us. They simply choose to create habits that move them forward every single day without fail!

Which of these healthy habits do you currently follow on a daily basis? Drop it in the comments below!