The topic of “getting clients” comes up a lot. I could talk on this and content creation for ages. Without good content you won’t attract your ideal clients, but I digress.  Today let’s talk about 4 Steps To Getting Clients In Your Business.  

1. Know Who It Is You Want To Work With

This is the absolute first step of the 4 Steps To Getting Clients In Your Business. You can NOT market yourself to everyone.  First because it is confusing to those who are listening. Second because it will be exhausting for you. Third because when you try to talk to “everyone” you end up talking to no one.  You need to really narrow down who it is you want to speak to/help.  

I can not begin to explain to you how many clients I take on who tell me “I know who my ideal client is” and they truthfully don’t have the faintest idea.  Or they have a super broad spectrum for “ideal clients”. You have to be very specific in who it is you work with. 

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2. Figure Out Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out

This step will look different for everyone’s ideal client. I have clients whose ideal clients hang out 100% on Pinterest, some have clients who hang out on LinkedIn, some are hanging out on Facebook, some are strictly hanging out in Facebook groups, some are on YouTube, the list is endless. Once you nail down where your ideal client is hanging out you then need to show up consistently for them there! Showing up consistenly for them shows them you will be there for them when they hire you!

3.  Consistency Is Key

I rounded out number two with this, but I can’t stress this enough. You MUST be consistent if you want to be seen and heard. Determine what days your ideal clients are showing up the most and be present for them then and there. You can’t simply show up once or twice and expect your audience to see or hear you. To be heard you must be there for them regularly and often. Figure out a routine and posting schedule that works for you and gets you in front of your audience consistenly.

4. Map Out Your Goals

This is the last step to the 4 Steps To Getting Clients In Your Business. If you want to make XX amount of dollars in your business each month you’ll need to figure out how many clients/course sales/products sold that you’ll need in order to achieve that goal.  It’s not enough to say “I want to make 10K in my business this month”. You have to say “I want 10K in my business this month” and then plan out what that might take to get you there.  For me, if I said “I want to make 10K this month” I would have to book 3 clients.  Once I know how many clients I need I then need to figure out how many strategy calls I’ll need to be on in order to make the 3 client sign ups possible.

Again, it’s not enough to say “I want XX” and hope it happens. You have to say “I want XX” and then make an actionable plan to achieve that.

If you don’t have currently use all of these 4 Steps To Getting Clients In Your Business let’s chat and map out your plan for moving forward

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Which of these 4 Steps To Getting Clients In Your Business are you going to implement this month to get more clients in your business?