Let’s face it, NOBODY likes it when they wake up to a “Hey There” message in your inbox 🤮. You know, the message from some random new mom who stalked you for as long as it takes you to sneeze before sending you a message. She’s telling you about how excited she is about her new business opportunity and a million reasons why you’d totally be a great fit for her team/as a customer before ever having a single conversation with you. *Deep breath* Yea those messages are ICK and DON’T do that! Rather than feeling ick let’s talk about the 4 Ways To Reach Your Future Clients Without Spamming.

I don’t want to see you sending messages like:

“Hey there!! I hope you’re having a great start to your Summer!! Don’t know about you but over here we always need new books for keeping up their skills, enjoying new stories and fun entertainment during the long summer months!! So I decided to host an Usborne Books & More online party and I’d love for you to come check out these unique and interactive books for newborns-young adults! It’s all online so it’s super easy to tune in! There will be ideas to use with our kids while they’re out of school and PRIZES too!! I’d love for you to come whether you need books, a fun distraction or both!! Also, I added you to my group so you can check it all out and buy some stuff for you kid Here’s my link XXXXX now in case you’re just ready to buy some books!”

“I just saw you had a baby yaaay 🎉🎉🎉  congrats.  If you’re like me, I know that means you’re going to want to start getting back in your pregnancy jeans; man I know I did. PLUS you’ll want to start looking sexy for your husband again soon! I have this pink drink that I love and I KNOW you’ll love it too. You drink it once a day and BAMM the weight just drops off.  Here’s the link XXXXXXXX because I KNOW you’re going to want this now.”

“Happy Birthday! How exciting. I hope you’re doing something fun today with your family.  Getting old is rough after all and you deserve to be treated once and awhile.  I actually just joined this company that I swear is defying age.  Have you heard of Rodan & Fields? BEST face creams and washes i’ve ever used. My husband said just last week that he thought I was looking more like what I did when we were dating than the 36 year old he is married to.  I’d love to show you what we have, because after all, we all need to look and feel young on our birthdays right”

Soooo, no spamming! 

It’s gross, it’s creepy, it’s iccck.  Also, can I be honest, some of the messages I’ve received I’ve felt personally offended by them and how they told me I looked bad or “needed” their product because XYZ.  

But, Lauren, If I can’t send them messages like this, how do I reach out to my ideal client??

Well don’t fear, building a relationship with your ideal person does not have to feel ick or forced.  Let’s talk about the 4 Ways To Reach Your Future Clients Without Spamming.

1. Be a human and make a connection!

So, step one to 4 Ways To Reach Your Future Clients Without Spamming is REALLY, be a human. Please don’t get me wrong, we are all in business to make money. At the end of the day money is what pays our bills, not “helping” someone for free. That being said when you approach your ideal person you want them to feel as though you care about them and not just the money they’ll pay you. 

Before reaching out to your ideal person take a few minutes and really get to know them.  Take a look at their FB profile. Check out what her interests are.  See what you all have in common before shooting over a message.  Once you’ve found a common thing you enjoy, leave a comment in her inbox about something you saw and liked on her profile.  But NOOOO don’t immediately follow it with a pitch; we’ll get there just stay with me.

If you are struggling with figuring out how to embrace that human speak aspect let’s jump on a

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2. Make the Conversation All About Them

Once you’ve made that genuine connection post you want to continue to be thoughtful. This part stumps a number of people I’ve worked with. We stress ourselves out over the smallest of things; like conversation with a human. I am very guilty of this. There have been several times where I would simply put off having conversations because I just didn’t know “what to say”.  

By putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves we are giving the conversation all of the power.  In our minds we become desperate, as if this one person is going to make or break our businesses. When we do this our conversations, if we do end up moving forward with them, get weeeiiiird. RIGHT!  Nervousness defaults us to talking about ourselves, because that’s what we know best after all right?

What also can happen is that we are SO passionate about what it is we do, how we help, the successes that have happened the conversation is all “I’m so cool listen to me”.

Yuck right?

 But, when it comes to building that relationship that will last long term the conversation needs to stay on THEM and their interests. What do they do, who do they help, how is their business going, what are their goals, etc. Letting them talk about themselves shows them that you care and are concerned about their life and business. 

3.  Ask For Permission

Yes, I do mean what it says above.  This is actually something I learned from one of my coaches back when I first got started in another business I owned.  When people start talking to you and they show a little concern and then the convo quickly turns to then and BAM link drop… how does that make you feel?  It really doesn’t feel natural or good right?  A quick link drop is a definite turn off for me and I’ll go out on a limb and say it is for you too.  Not once have I ever gotten excited about something someone was selling with a rando link drop.  

Rather than having a good convo and then freaking out and just link dropping try asking them for permission to share your business with them.  

Still confused? 

What I mean is that when someone online is looking for a web designer in a facebook group rather than immediately link dropping or sending them a calendar invite to “schedule a call” try this instead.

  • Start with a greeting
  • In the greeting let them know you’ll be sending them a DM
  • Once you DM them start by asking questions, getting to know what it is they are looking for, why they need XX service, what they are looking for in a web designer.
  • Have a bit of a conversation about them and their needs and then ASK them if it is ok to send them a website/calendar scheduling link that you feel would benefit them best. 

By simply asking someone for permission to give your link you remove that element of being a “spammy” person.  Rather, you build a trust with that person because they feel as though you are respecting them and their needs.  You come across as thoughtful and helpful rather than pushy and spammy.

4. Take Care Of Your Audience

One of the things we forget, some may not even know, is that it takes at least 5 follow ups with an ideal client before they will sign as a client.  As we’re in business for the long term, not a short game, we want to be sure that we are providing high value content to our audience in the meantime.  Now they are on the sidelines, waiting to figure out if they are truly ready to commit, but they are watching what you do/share/offer. 

While they are deciding if they are ready to commit you can absolutely invite them to your free opt-in, so they can stay in the loop with your regular emails.  If you aren’t already a part of my FREE Resource Library you absolutely should join and take in the HOURS of free mompreneur business building and client attraction tips and tricks. 

Invite them to your free group. Like you joining #MommiesOnAMission <- Cause you’re already there right? If not, hang out with us and learn to scale your business.  This way they will continue to have access to your amazing info. 

What does this do?

By inviting your ideal client to your free stuff you will stay active in their feed, in their face, in their mind. You’re not “pressuring” them to sign up each week, they can simply figure out that you ARE in fact the right fit for them.  I can’t tell you how many of my clients that i’ve signed through the years, who started off our initial calls with “So, I’ve been stalking you for XX time before I even reached out to you”.  AMAZING right! 

Even on the days where it feels like you’re posting and it’s falling on deaf ears you ARE reaching someone.

You ARE impacting someone’s life and business in a BIG way.

This is why it’s crucial to be consistent in your social media presence and nurture your audience along the way. 

It, in the end, leads to sales left and right for you!

That’s it, these are my 4 Ways To Reach Your Future Clients Without Spamming.

Which of these steps are you currently doing?  Which ones will you begin adding now? 

I’m looking for 5 mompreneurs who are looking to add an extra 2-5K a month in income to their business in the next month. 

Does this sound like you?

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