You want clients, you want sales, you want to attract your ideal client into your world right?  Well how do you make that happen? You must speak specifically to your ideal client in a way that entices them to hear what it is you have to say.  But here’s the thing… you’re a mom, you don’t have time to be attached to your computer 24/7. These are the 5 Reasons You NEED To Plan Your Content.  

You need to be able to attract your ideal client without it draining your life and time away from your kids. I can remember a time where I would sit down to “work” but end up staring at my screen fooooooorrrrevvvvveeeer and nothing got done.  I literally couldn’t come up with things to share to save my life.  Not only did I waste time during my day that I could have been spending with my family, but I was attracting no one in my business. 

Rather than writing a new piece of content every single day, staring at your computer willing genius to come out of your gingers, you need to sit down and plan out your content ahead of time so that you can stand out online. You’re going to free up time during your week to genuinely engage with your audience rather than trying to be brilliant. You’ll have more time for your family. There will be new allotted down time just for YOU momma.

So, here’s the 5 Reasons You Need to Plan Your Content

1. Know Ahead Of Time What To Say

Planning your content ahead of time means you know what you’re going to write about when you sit down to actually create the content.  It allows you time to ask your audience what it is they want to hear from you before you even start typing. Having a content plan means you never sit down at your computer or with your phone/tablet and just stare blankly.  You’ll always be able to hit the ground running with your ideas at your fingertips.

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2. People Are Always Watching

Even if you don’t think people are watching you THEY ARE!  We live in a world of technology and someone is always looking at your page/group/blog/pinterest board/IG/Twitter, etc.  You have no idea if tomorrow someone is going to wake up and decide to invest in whatever you sell. If you aren’t visible or you aren’t relevant with your content they simply will pass you by and choose someone else because they don’t know if you’ll be there for them consistently.

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3.  You Can’t Be Everyone All The Time

Back to being a busy mompreneur, you simply can’t be online ALL the time and on ALL platforms all the time.  When you create content to share you can schedule times for your content to be shared. This is a beneficial piece of your puzzles as there are optimal posting times for different types of content on all social media platforms.  Scheduling some of your content will put you in front of the right people at the right times.

4. You’re Not Always Inspiring

Inspiration is ALWAYS with you.  One of my clients biggest struggles is that when they first start out they want to share their “in the moment” thoughts.  This can be good because it shows how you are a human being and can be relatable.  But the downside is that sometimes that “inspiration” doesn’t hit and you are left with nothing to say.  When you plan your content you never have to worry about waiting for the inspiration. You will know what you are going to be sharing and when you’ll share it. When you do by chance have an inspirational moment at that content to your content planner-makes for good reads later!

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5. You Can Take A Break

When you have content prepared you can sign off, check out, take a break, and not have to worry about being forgotten. BUT, if you are only posting when the mood strikes, when you are inspired or when you have the next big idea you will be chained to your phone/tablet/laptop all day and night. When you plan your content out you can step away knowing that your voice will still be heard by your ideal clients.  This is the biggest thing for those who are still a one woman show.  Having content ready to go out means that I can step back without worrying if I’m still there for my clients.

There are your 5 Reasons You NEED To Plan Your Content. 

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