Earlier this year we talked about How To Use Facebook Groups To Book More Sales Calls. But, facebook groups are not the only ways to book more sales calls for your business. They are an easy way to do it though. Feel free to go check out that blog linked above for those details. That being said let’s talk about 5 Ways To Book More Sales Calls in other ways. 

Now, you can book sales calls DOZENS of ways.  Are these the ONLY 5 Ways To Book More Sales Calls? Absolutely not.  But these are some of the easiest ways to invite your ideal client to book a call, so let’s dive in.

Time To Book More Calls

1. Offer a Free Call At The End Of Your Free Offers

This is honestly one of the easiest and most passive ways to get more calls on your calendar.  For those of you who signed up for my Ten Ways To Make More Sales, or really any of my free offers, you’ll notice an invite to book your free call with me. 

Hundreds of people will see your free offer. It’s a given that you should be optimizing through your email list through follow up emails and invites. But there is no reason you can’t take a hot second to invite them to a call at the end of your free offer! Plus, you never know who may find your free offer some random place on the interwebs and sign up.  

By the time someone has taken the steps to entrust you with their email list they are moderately warm. Invite them to a call where you can solve their problems!

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2. At The End Of Your Blogs/YouTubes Invite Your Audience To A Call

This is very similar to inviting your audience at the end of your live training in Fb Groups to a call.  You shared your high value content with them. You’ve shown up as an expert.  Your ideal person is pumped and excited right now from reading your mind blowing amazingness.  Keep that ball rolling and invite them to a call with you through a quick “click here to book a call!”

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3.  Invite Your Email List To A Call

This is a strategy far too many people overlook.  It’s assumed that they are already on the email list, let me just update them on things.  Well here’s the thing. They are ON your email list because they love what you share and what you share is helping them through their XYZ problems.  So invite them to take it a step further and jump on a call with you. 

You can send them an invite as a stand alone email or simply invite them as a “btw” at the end of your message.

4. Straight Out ASK People To Jump On A Call

Before you worry, no this isn’t done in a spammy way.  When you begin networking with others, you build a good relationship, and then you have a good solution for them invite them to a call. I might say something like “YES, that all sounds amazing.  I absolutely would love to chat about that further. Let’s jump on a free strategy call to really nail down those pieces missing in your puzzle.” It is always an invite done after I’ve gotten to know someone and figured out if they are someone who could benefit from this type of call. But be bold, invite them and see a major difference in your call log each week.

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5. Go Live On Social Media and Invite Your Audience

Yes, any platform you choose to use to find and work with your ideal client you can invite them through a live. That being said I want to be very clear in this section.  When you are on a Live training and you are sharing your amazing info be sure to invite them to your call at the beginning, the middle, and the end of your training. Here’s why: you can’t control when someone will jump on your live and you want to be sure they hear the invite.  If they don’t go back and watch the section they missed they hear your invite.  

When you’re inviting them be sure to say “Drop a YES PLEASE/ME/NOW/CALL in the comments below”. This will keep you focused on your content and when the training is done you can shoot those people messages directly. You can start a convo with them and directly invite them to your call.  Remember, you are NOT meant to work with EVERYONE. Simply dropping your call link willy nilly will net you a bunch of random calls with people who may not be your ideal client OR willing/wanting to invest.

So, those are my favorite 5 Ways To Book More Sales Calls.

Which are you going to start using this week? Tell me below!

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