When I first started out in my entrepreneurial journey sixteen years ago I wish someone had sat me down and said “Lauren, you NEED to build your email list”. I didn’t start building an email list until just about five years ago. Mind you, i’ve had three profitable entrepreneurial gigs over those past sixteen years, but I only have a list to prove the last five years of it.  *Hand to head, Shakes head*. Sp let me tell you right now, Building your email list is the MOST sustainable way to build an audience of IDEAL clients. Those who opt-in to your email list are there because you are “their” people. But you want to know How To Build Your Email List Even With A Small Following.

Look, we ALL start with a very very small following. I started my coaching business with zero following.  Those who were currently following me were those interested in health and fitness tips and meal prep ideas. I came out swinging with business tips and I saw a lot of blinking.  Soooo if I can make the leap YOU CAN too!

 So let’s talk about How To Build Your Email List Even With A Small Following

1. Offer a Freebie That Your Audience ACTUALLY Wants

Offer a freebie that your audience ACTUALLY wants- If you don’t know what your ideal client wants. If you don’t know who your ideal client is yet check out these tips on how to identify your ideal client → Identify Your Ideal Client ←. Once who know who you’re talking to and what they want give it to them.

For example, my ideal mompreneurs want to know how to get consistent clients every month, close sales calls with confidence, grow their email list, and balance the mompreneur life.  That’s why I gave them the #MommiesOnAMission Free Resource Library. I give you the tools you need to run and scale your business for free simply by building a quick and Convertkit page. You enter your email and I can continue to share amazeballs tips on how to make even more money in your business! Total win-win right! 

You can then drop your freebie link in facebook groups and on your facebook page.

2. Drop Your Invite On Your Sales Calls

When you book a strategy/sales call with someone have them give you their email address so that you can send them info about the call. You now have their info to do follow up and send helpful tips.  If for some reason you didn’t get their email prior to the call be sure to give them a free offer where they can enter their email prior to your call ending!

If you haven’t already done so, come hang out with the coolest mompreneurs on the planet to learn to start, run, and SCALE your business while being present in your kids lives!

#MommiesOnAMission FB Group

3.  Invite From Your Facebook Group

Your ideal clients are already in your group. They joined because you had something they were interested in. One easy way to invite those from your group to your email list is to invite them to an offer in your “join” questions. BE SURE to offer them something of value. “Hey, want to sign up for weekly newsletters” is not enticing enough to have the majority dropping you their email. When you join #MommiesOnAMission I offer you SOLID tips on getting consistent clients each month if you drop your email.  Never skimp on the info to those who entrust their email with you!

4. Host a Masterclass/Webinar

Whether you’re hosting a free 3-4 day masterclass/challenge, or a one day multi hour webinar you should be getting people to “opt-in” for the registration of the event.  It’s also a great way to “over deliver” to those who do sign up for the event.  You can give them (and only them for signing up) workbooks, extra tips, etc.  Remember, they have trusted you to help them solve their problem. So be sure to deliver on those promises you’ve made.

That’s it, those are some easy tips on how to build your email list even with a small following. There’s no overnight “secret” tip to “explode” your email list. You won’t go from zero to 10K overnight. BUT done properly you could easily go from zero to 500-1000K in a month’s time. Compound that over a year’s time and you’re looking at a list of 6,000-12,000K in no time at all!

Which of these tips are you going to start adding into your marketing this week?