There have been so many times where I have jumped on a chat with a potential client. I have patiently listened to them tell me about their business. They tell me about how they want to make XXX money, the need to do XYZ for their family, there is panic in their voice, and then they say “what are your thoughts?”. Typically I hear them say they are promoting, they are talking to people, and they have seven to ten offers they share with people they offer.  The problem is, they don’t have a game plan, they have no idea who their ideal client is, there is no way for their ideal client to stick around if they are even remotely interested.  Stop Wasting Time In Your Business and make a solid plan!

This may seem a little harsh..

Please don’t get me wrong I am here to help, but I want to see you succeed the RIGHT way. It absolutely kills me when I see people missing CRUCIAL steps in their businesses. Missing out on so many potential clients, struggling to make your income each month, and inevitably giving up because you just don’t see it working out.  So let’s talk about how you can stop wasting time in your business and have a solid plan to succeed. 

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    First and foremost

    You NEED to figure out who your ideal client is. I know for a fact you’ve heard this, I know there are TONS of people telling you this, but I will also guarantee you think/feel that this isn’t an important step.  Yes, that is presumptuous, but I take call after call where I hear “I just want to help everyone” “I don’t really have 1 person because I can help so many” “I don’t want to niche down because then i’m missing out on so much money”.  Siiigggghhh.

    Here’s the thing, when you don’t narrow down who your ideal client should be, you’re actually missing out on SOOOOOO many of your PERFECT clients because you end up speaking to no one.  When you create content for your business that content should speak to your ideal client. But, when you have no idea who that person is you end up sharing random pieces of content without actually having that content speak to anyone.  No one pays attention, you are pulling at no heart stings, and you aren’t catching anyone in particulars attention.  You must know who it is you work with if you want to attract those people.


    Have an idea of what it is you offer to your idea client.  You can not simply say “well I do everything” because doing everything is exhausting.  Look, I can teach you how to start, run, scale a business. I could teach you how to organize your business financials, I can offer family financial advice, homeschooling help is within my realm, I can help with health and wellness, then there is home organization, time management, content creation, business management, helping you find or outsource your tasks.

    The list of things that I “could” do for you is very very long. BUT, what I teach my clients to do is start, run, and scale their online businesses while being present in their kids lives.  I KNOW how to do the rest, I’m quite good at the rest as well, but they simply aren’t “services” i’ll offer because it’s not what my ideal clients need help with.  They want to get one piece of their life (their business) up and running so that the rest runs itself.  You need to know what your ideal client needs so that you can help them with their problem. But, you can’t do that unless you know who your ideal person is.

    One of my favorite quotes for business is

    “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”

    But, you need to know who your customers are first 😉

    Don’t forget, if you’re ready to build your online business in an easier and quicker way grab your spot in the Free 7 Build Your Online Business Now course

      Ok, last tip to stop wasting time in your business

      Learn how to reach your ideal clients in a way that doesn’t send them running for the hills. There is a right way and a wrong way to market yourself.

      “Hi, Im sally and I sell XYZ and I think you’d be a good fit because XYZ and I’m going to add you to my group, but here’s my link incase you’re just ready to jump on board, I hope you have such a blessed day and can’t wait to talk soon”

      My goodness could you feel your stress level rise while reading that?  I know mine did just copying it from my inbox… yes, I said copying it from my inbox because it’s an exact message I have received.  Of course, I changed the person’s name and left out what they do/sell. But you get the idea of how things should not be done.  That being said, the problem is way too many people do exactly this and then can’t figure out why their businesses aren’t going anywhere.

      When you start to share your business and you start to message people try to do the following:

      1. Make the conversation about them
      2. Ask questions about them, their family/business/hobbies/etc.(unrelated to your business)
      3. Get to know the person you think may be your ideal client
      4. Don’t get pushy with your products/services

      Your offers will come up naturally, but if you come out guns blazing you burn potential clients. People want to be treated as a human and not merely your paycheck.  While they will be happy to hand over their money to you down the road, they still want to feel as though they are important in the process.  Get to know your ideal clients and then determine how best you can help them.

      When you simply stop wasting time in your business and start taking proper actions you can focus your energy on starting off on the right foot. This means your success comes much quicker, much easier, and with far less stress.

      Have you taken the time to narrow down who your ideal client is? Do you know how to attract them?

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