You want to Get Booked NOW but you’re wondering how that is possible when you feel like all you’re doing is working.  Here’s the thing, it’s not just about getting clients once and then scrambling again for them when your mortgage is due again. Far too many people I know pop into the social media scene when they’re hurting for money, promote the bajebis out of their stuff and then disappear until their bills are due again. Worst part of that is they are TEACHING this style of “client attraction” to others.  

What the Get Booked NOW process is really about setting up a system that gets you clients consistently. Not only getting clients booked consistently but getting booked in advance. If you don’t have systems set up you avoid the vicious stop and start process. You can stop under pricing to get a sale, you can stop over promising to “land” a sale, and you can stop taking whatever client that walks your way because you NEED the money.

Here’s the thing, and the reason you’ve struggled thus far

It’s not that you’re not smart enough or that you aren’t qualified enough or that you are “too new” in business. What is actually happening is that your marketing system is broken.

Don’t worry, Don’t panic, We can FIX it!

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    Let’s talk about the three “phases” to Get Booked NOW

    PHASE 1: Your Key Offers

    The goal with your offers is to create 3 strategic offers. You want them to sell themselves and each other. Once you’ve nailed down your specific offers you can get away from charging an hourly rate or selling this or that. Instead you can focus on what I call value based pricing.  You see the value in your offers and your pricing can reflect the work put into them. 

    Remember, clients don’t want to buy your “time” they want to buy the result or solution you have offered to their problem.  Before you ask, because I know it’s a burning question for so many, yes you can even do this with your coaching services. 

     Each package should be priced according to the value and results they provide to your ideal client. The first offer should be the most affordable offer while the top level offers should be highest priced. This allows a variety of ideal clients to work with you.  When you only have one offer you miss out of so many long term clients should they not be able to afford you at the moment.


    Most service-providers put their offers online and then they simply expect people to buy them. Hahaha that’s just not how it works my dear.  It’s laughable because, again, so many are teaching new entrepreneurs that this is how it works. 

    But what you SHOULD be doing is launching your offers online. 

    Because I know some may ask: What is launching? Launching is a series of emails, videos, social media posts, and sales pages. This helps people understand why they should sign up for your offers and work with you. Launching your offers educates, excites, and inspires your potential clients to work with you. 

    If you are READY to stop trying to “piece” it all together and start attracting clients every single month then grab your spot in the FREE #MommiesOnAMission Resource Library→


      This is CRUCIAL for the busy mompreneur like yourself.  For those who are putting themselves out there when they “need” money they are losing potential clients because those potential clients have nowhere to go once they’ve seen you.  Let’s say someone find you and you aren’t taking 1:1 clients at the moment, or your hot of the presses course sold out and you don’t have any spots at the moment. Those potential people you want them to stick around and have other ways to work with you while they wait.  

      You need to automate getting those potential clients into your inner circle. Automating keeps them excited. Then finally you want to automate the process where your potential clients sign up to work with you all while you’re busy working with your current clients or off living your life.

      This is how you go from being without or begging for clients on a consistent basis to being booked out all the time. 

      What part of the Get Booked NOW process was the biggest take away for you?

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