You may not need 3 months of coaching help. Maybe you just need some direction, content edits, or a quick brain storm session.

I’m Still Here To Help!

 What you will find below:

 The 3 links below are the 3 A la carte coaching options that I offer.

The links will redirect you for more info! 

Content Coaching, where we dive deep into what it is youre sharing with your audience and how we can make it even more relateable so that you have a steady stream of clients coming to you DAILY begging to work with you!

Business Plan Coaching, where we can map out a new business for you, create a new direction for those who are already steaming along, create your next brilliant business move, or whatever you may need in the moment.

 Power Hour Coaching, where we jump on a chat to get you past your hurdle, clear out the cob webs, plan a new project, chat about a sturggle, or whatever you may need to get you going full steam ahead again!

Sound Good?


What Previous Clients Had To Say About The A la carte Options:

I’d recommend this type of coaching with Lauren without hesitation. Lauren was helpful, attentive, and to the point. The best thing I liked about it was it was very specific to me – she listened to where I am in my business and it wasn’t generic suggestions. Also, action oriented!

Karey Martin

The coaching session was great. Lauren helped me to see my potential.

Shelia Janifer

Working with Lauren is always an eye-opener in one aspect or another. Not only does it keep me on track, but when I start to have doubts or feeling like I may be in over my head, she swoops in and says just the right thing to boost my morale and get me in gear again. Lauren gets me out of my head and draws out the goods while giving her expert guidance and suggestions along the way.”

Jessica Halverson

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