Content Can Be A Pain For Most People But It’s Something I LOVE helping others create!

How would you like someone to walk you through the steps needed to create ENGAGING content?

How would your business expand if you had a dedicated coaches daily support to help you in your content creation/revision?

Someone who has been in the same exact place as you, to bounce ideas off of?

How would daily check-ins with a content creation strategists change your business?

How would that type of direct access and daily support change the face of your business?

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing To:

  • Create 20 social media posts
  • Create/edit an opt-in page
  • Create/update an email sequence
  • Create/update 5 hard hitting promotion posts
  • Get clients begging to work with you
  • Know EXACTLY what direction you should be going in with your content
  • Create strategies for continuing to create high value content

If you’re like “Ehhh I’m cool with the above” then we can instead:

  • Create a course outline that has always been on your mind but you weren’t sure where to start
  • Revamp one of your social media pages so that the content actually draws people in
  • Outline your next hot ticket product & sales page so that you have clients saying “SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY!!”

Content Voxer Coaching 

This is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to give you intense, daily support to set up your business plan, create a new plan, or provide new direction.

I communicate through an app called Voxer, which basically turns your phone into a walkie talkie (there is a version to use on your laptop too).

You will get real-time feedback on your ideas, questions, concerns, and victories.

Each day we will be talking through this app to hold you accountable, help you walk through where you are stuck, and give you the support you and your business need and deserve.

This is a 5 day voxer coaching session to help you dive deep into your content, uplevel your business, push past any blocks you may be up against content creation, etc.

Here’s What You Get With Content Coaching:

  • An in-depth assessment so we are clear on your needs, business, and goals before your first session
  • Unlimted edits, during the 5 five days, provided by me so that your content looks AMAZING 
  • Unlimited daily “check-ins” (Legit ASK questions as OFTEN as you want!)
  • Direct access to me the entire 5 days to cover questions you have (seriously ASK me ANYTHING)
  • Feedback, encouragement, specific guidance and tips customized to you and your business
  • 5 days of accountability to make sure you stay on track to hit your goals

Sign Up And Claim Your Spot In Content Coaching!

Your Investment is ONLY: $597

(Only 2 spots available each month)

*** You do NOT have to use your session right away.  You can sign up and schedule your start date anytime with in 30 days of you purchase date.  Once you recive your initial e-mail it is your responsibilty to follow through with the questionnaire and scheduling your appointment!  ***

 What Happens When We Work Together?

➡ We will look over the content you have or want to have

➡ Create, edit, chop up, revamp your content

➡ Create irresistible content so that your audience is DYING to have what you offer

➡ Find your voice, become more visible online in the RIGHT way, create a brand that fits you and your business.  

➡ Grow your audience, attract your perfect clients, and grow your communities so that the income you desire flows easily.

➡ Get organized so that you can reach your goals faster than if you were working without support or accountability.

Lauren is a content GENIUS. Seriously, I suck at writing but when you talk to Lauren about content she makes it sound so easy and manageable.  I am forever thankful to her for working through my engagement posts for my facebook group.  Now I have people who actually talk and reply and BUY my stuff all from my one 300 person group.  

I struggled for far too long with words but now I know how they should sound when i’m sharing them on social media.

Steph P.

I’ve ALWAYS struggled with creating content in my business.  Just when I think I get the hang of it I drop the ball because I just don’t know what to share. I found Lauren in a group we’re in together. I signed up for her free content calendar, then I bought her 100 Days of Content In minutes (which is AMAZING), then her ultimate guide to content, i’ve watched every masterclass she’s given on content creation, and one day I flat out asked her to just coach me 1:1 with MY content.  

She was so excited, when she says she LOVES content she is not joking, and she is a WHIZ.  Like words are her magic super power.  Not only did she help me create a brand new e-mail sequence for my exhisting product but I made 8 sales the first day I updated the sequence.  If content doesnt come easily to you HIRE LAUREN!

Erica H.

You’re the best!  I truly would never have thought i’d be the type of person to sit down and create a months worth of content at one time but I just did and it’s GOOD!  It’s not just garbafe “do you like this or that” type of posts.  You’d be so proud.  

In just 3 days of working with you and my content I really feel like I can connect with my audience. I guess I didn’t really know who my “person” was before you. 


Thank you so much! 

Wendy L.